Wednesday, 15 October 2014

kilao ( sweet dry fruit product ) apricot &walnet seed /kernel


Introduction :-

 GKilao is the most famous product of Punial. It is made in the tehsil Punial of District Ghizer as well as Gilgit Baltistan. There are two kinds of kilaofirst one is almond kernels and second one is apricot kernels. The ingredients of kilao are "grape juice+almond kernels and grape juice+apricot kernels"

hizer is one of the district of Gilgit Baltistan in which a very huge quantity of fruits are available. Punial is the heart of the district Ghizer Punial also means "plate of fruits". In every village of this tehsil, all type of fruits are available there.killao is local product of this areas .

1.collection matrial

·         1.collection material :-
     1.walnet seed
     2.apricot seed
     3.grap water.
     4.distal water


2.Procduere “-

Killao is homeo pruduct of this areas and have simple methodes for preperation .Collect dry fruotes ( apricot seed or walnet seeds) according to production quantity and etract the grape water pulps by heating .

Preperation :-

1.take walnet seed or apricot seed one by one put into grap water.
2.Dry it 3 days on sun light 
3.finishing p


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